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Digitizer, 4-wire, made to fit Symbol® Motorola® MC9000, MC9100, MC9200 Series. Models: MC909X (-G,-K,-S); MC919X (-G,-K,-S); MC92N0 (-G,-K,-S); Made to replace OEM P/N 21-61358-01 Version: Polycarbonate + Rigid Foam Gasket

Backup battery, Ni-MH, 2.4V, 20mAh, Japanese cells, made to fit Symbol® Motorola® MC70 Series (Models: MC7090); MC75 Series (Models: MC7596, MC7598, MC75A0, MC75A6, MC75A8); MC31XX Series (Models: ALL); MC91XX, MC92XX Series (Models: MC91X0-G/K); PPT8800 Series (Models: ALL); MC92N0Made to replace OEM P/N 23-22054-001

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